Yes!!!! This time, as a child, I would wait for the swallows to come back and make their nest in our roof… Then we would wait even longer until we can hear the little babies asking for food… Nature is beautiful, and despite living now in the city, I still try to enjoy it as much as I can…


So here we are, the 20th March, one week left before we can change the time to summer time!!! Happy days!!!

(Images taken from Pinterest)

If you are also a designer, or illustrator, but drawing straight lines super super fast can still be a challenge sometimes, or if you simply like to draw clear and organised sketches, then you will like a dotted notebook, right?

I finally managed to find the perfect A5 dotted notebook, please, made in the UK from sustainable and recyclable materials. It costs £10, and I believe it is well worth it when you know where it is made, and that it is good for our little friend Earth.

And if you are not a fan of the A5 format, they seem to have a pretty good selection on their website: Dot Grid

I love the thick paper, which makes for a great feel, and also the pen does not see on the other side of the page. Simply fabulous.

Welcome to Little Pepites. You might be tempted to ask: why is there a French word in the name? “Pepites” means “gold nuggets”.  As I did not really see myself drawing some gold chicken, and since France is where I come from, I thought it would be better to have a bit of both!

This Journal is all about finding small items of great value, little treasures! We will talk about accessories, cool objects, beauty, design and fashion, but there is one condition. Each item has to have an added-value and long life. It is great if: it helps the protection of the environment, it is made locally, it is made of a long-lasting material, it is affordable, and it is as unique as possible. I here to dream about little independent shop windows with great colours and amazing displays, I am not dreaming about a big brand which has its shops replicated 100 times in one city. The task is to keep it on a certain budget too!

So, let’s research, shop a little, and get a nice collection of great items!

Get in touch if you wish to participate!